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The Enemy Within – WFRP Campaign

This was about the fourth WFRP session, in the Enemy Within campaign.  The gaming sessions are quite long (most of a day), so we get through quite a bit of the material each time.  The PC’s having already finished Mistaken Identity and Shadows over Bögenhafen are just starting Death on the Reik.

To be frank, reading the Death on the Reik campaign is pretty hard work – it’s pretty non-linear and there’s a lot of stuff going on.  To give it the best shot you really need to do a lot of preparation and understand the motivations of everyone involved.  Have I done that?  Not yet – I tried, a few times, to read through everything, but one or two things just don’t gel and I’m really struggling to make it all fit in my mind.

Luckily (for me, not for them), a couple of the players arrived a little later than expected on Saturday and we ended up not getting through much of the session, plus we were all distracted by real life.  One of the problems of not playing often is when you do get together, you end up talking about a lot of non-game stuff.

Anyway, I think what we did was fun, hopefully the players enjoyed it, and I get longer to read the campaign again and try and resolve the things in my head that are causing it to feel broken.