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Terminator Salvation

So I’m starting to see some reviews for Terminator Salvation and it’s not looking hopeful.  Disappointing, let down, missed opportunity – those phrases never add up to anything good.

Maybe in the battle of the Giant Robots this summer, Transformers has already won.

2009 Battle of the Robots

So, in 2009 we have Transformers 2 and Terminator Salvation.  Both are going to be huge whichever way you paint it, even if they suck.  Both are going to contain people fighting robots and probably robots fighting robots.  Both are going to be special effects extravaganzas.  Which one will win?

Who knows.  My advice is watch them both for what they are.  When I watch Terminator Salvation I won’t be going to watch the continuation of the Terminator story, I’ll just be going to watch huge onscreen explosions, people being crushed by robots, people blowing robots up in amusing ways and adrenaline pumping robot destruction action.  I don’t think it’s wise to go along expecting any serious continuation of the Terminator story, that path leads to dissapointment I feel.

But I’m looking forward to see Bale running around being manly and destroying robots.  Check out the latest trailer over here.

And Transformers 2 (Revenge of the Fallen)?  Well, the first one was silly and inconsistent and flawed and amazing, so I don’t expect anything different in the second.  There’ll be sillyness (these were toys after all) and there’ll be inconsistencies (because this isn’t trying to win Oscars for best screenplay) and there’ll be action and hot trailer trash chicks and guns and robots and explosions and more guns and tanks and planes and oh my.

Should be a good year.  Best Man vs Machine action since The Matrix Revolutions.  Maybe.