The Guild – Confession

So, I posted episodes 6 & 7 and claimed that something was missing.  I’ll come right out and admit that I’d only watched episodes 1-6 at the time.  Once I posted the links I then watched #7 and #7 is good 🙂

It’s exactly what was missing from the previous episodes.  I’m not sure what that is, or why, but it’s in #7.

The Guild + Auto-Tune device = awesome review of season 3

Loved this, found it over at WWdN

The Guild – Season 3 – Out-takes

I did write a post with this title, and embedded two videos, but they didn’t work.  I deleted the post, but not until after Google had already crawled it, which is why this page shows up in their search.

I never did get the episode 9-12 out-takes (gag reel) working embedded, but you can see the post I made with Episode 12 here.  You can watch the gag reel here, but try as I might, I can’t get it to embed correctly, sorry.