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Double Quickness

I have two flatbed scanners (assuming you don’t count the defunct all-in-one printer) and several computers.  I wonder if it would go faster if I used both?

I guess I’d have to do different sets of photo’s because the scanners give slightly different results.

Edit: Yes, this is what Twitter is for, so shoot me.  And I think I won’t double up, it’s sometimes confusing enough with only one scanner on the go.

Random Photo’s

I’m now scanning random photo’s that never made it into albums and have been sitting in little envelopes or packets for several years.  They’re all mixed up, random people, random places, random times.  We’ve got loads of envelopes/packets like these, and they don’t usually have many photo’s in them.

This is good, since it makes me feel like I’m making a lot of progress.  Scanning an album with 300 photo’s takes so long it’s soul destroying, where-as scanning 20 pictures from an envelope and being able to put it into the ‘done’ box is much more morale boosting.

Scanning again

I’m back to the scanning, already posted the results of doing some holiday snaps from the 80’s.  I also did a bunch of random photo’s hanging around and another set from a CenterParcs holiday in 2002ish.  Today I’m doing CentreParcs from 2000 (which has all-together too many photo’s of ducks, ducklings and swans) and we’ll see what else I get done.

I finally settled on a directory structure for storing them all, one of the challenges I have with this kind of thing is I have to find a structure I’m happy with.  Categorising or structuring data tends to bring out my mild-OCDness.  So I’m going for one directory per year, with one sub-directory per photo set depending on what they were.  If we’re not sure what year they’re from we’ll just sort them by decade (which is usually pretty easy to work out, especially for the pre-1990 ones).

The whole process is really slow going, but I think it’ll be worth it in the long run.  There are more and more options for using, viewing and enjoying photographs on digital media so it’ll be nice to have all of our photo’s scanned in.  To that end, I’m doing even the ones I used to ignore (badly lit, out of focus, etc.) without prejudice.

The top level directory for photo’s I’ve finished scanning, or digital photo’s we already had, is up to 7GB and 2046 files.  There’s easily 5 times more than that to scan in, if not more.  I must have 3-400 photo’s from my university years at the very least.

Here’s a quick shot from our back garden in Nottingham in January 2000 (click for full size).