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Zombie Plague Brain Mush Mish Mash

Not a new set of figures, but in fact, how my head feels.  Back at work after a period of holiday always means my energy levels take a beating initially, add on to that the problems I’ve had with Gradwell hosting since Friday last week (fix going in tonight in theory) and I’ve not really written that much other than painting updates for a little while.

I’m behind on the movie memories posts too, I had four lined up straight off the bat to post once a week, but they’ve all posted now and there’s nothing ready to go out this week, so I need to get a few of those written up again ahead of time.  The last (or possibly penultimate depending on whether I decide to base her or not) Sasha diary post is ready to go out after some spelling changes.

Grete has a bunch of Pocket Dragon figures which have been exposed to the world (or rather, this room) for a long time now, and we were thinking of maybe getting a glass cabinet for them and any miniatures I paint that I feel proud of enough to display.  Anyone got any advice on cleaing Pocket Dragons?  I was thinking maybe just q-tips and soapy water, but wondered if there was anything better.  Don’t want to ruin the surface of them.