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Photo Past

I’ve just been sent this photo.


What’s the first thing you think when you look at it?  My first thought was, wow, look how boxy those cars are, this must be from the 70’s!  Actually, it’s from 1990.  That’s the street in which the house I lived in during my second year at university was placed.  I think it was Briar Road in Sheffield.

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You can use Google Street View to get roughly the same view as the above photo, using this link.  I see both the trees are still there.  And generally, the cars don’t look as boxy.  Thanks to Andrew for sending this photo (and a few of the inside of the house, which I might post and laugh at later!)


Something about the moon looked really beautiful tonight.  I tried to take some shots but this is exactly the kind of thing the low price camera ranges don’t deal with very well.  They either ended up too saturated or too dark and I couldn’t get a sharp shot.



Size matters

So, here’s a collage (I love Picasa) of 10 miniatures.  In theory, these are all 28mm or 32mm scale mini’s.  It’s 1024 wide so if you’re looking at this on your smart phone you may want to wait!  Click for the full size image.  From left to right, top to bottom they are, Big Boris (Heresy), Echo (Black Scorpion), Black Jack Davey (Black Scorpion), Sheriff (Black Scorpion), Sadie (Hasslefree), Tony (Hasslefree), Shimmer (Hasslefree), Ceril (Hasslefree), Kat (Hasslefree) and a dwarf from Rackham for a completely wacky counterpoint.

Miniature Size comparison