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Fast Fizz!

Fizz hates the snow, she doesn’t like how it falls on her head without warning and how it looks on the ground.  I’m not sure she’s that bothered about the cold but the snow itself is a real issue.  She’s been out a few times, but she comes running back in.  I wanted a few shots of the garden (see previous post) and she wandered out.  While she was staring intently at the snow on the grass wondering if it was worth checking out, I managed to sneak up behind her.  These 5 shots are taken in the space of about 1.2 seconds.  She was a bit surprised, I love how in the fourth shot, her tail telegraphs the direction she’s about the head.

I was playing with the Picasa ‘movie’ stuff, because Grete suggested making an animated image, and as usual, it makes it too easy!  Here’s the youtube vid 😉

Garden – 2010

It’s been a while since I bored you updated you on the state of the garden.  Since you can’t see any of it due to the snow, I thought now was a good time!

We’ve had a couple of decent snow falls over the last week or so, the first didn’t melt before the second arrived, although the skies have finally cleared so we might be okay for the rest of the day.  Here’s a long shot of the garden.

Garden - full shot

We bought a water tub / plant feature thing ages ago, it’s probably been in a few shots of the garden.  We take no care of it at all, and each year it grows a few plants from the bulbs which somehow survive.  We keep it mainly because the cats like drinking from it in the summer when the water is pretty clean.  At the moment, it’s an ice cube.

Fizz - and the water 'feature'

Much like the surface of the canal near here, which is now solid ice (kids have been cycling on it) except for a couple of areas of free flowing water where all the birds are hanging around.  Anyway, here’s two shots of our apple tree.

Apple Tree

Garden - past tree

Morning Moon

Was a pretty cold morning in these parts.  The grass in the garden was crisp underfoot as I tried to coax Bubbles back into the house at 8am.  The sky was an amazing blue and the moon was still clearly visible.  I grabbed the camera (Bubbles watched from her flag stone near the shed) and took some shots.


That’s how it looked to me.  And then with camera zoom and the fence to keep my hands steady,


Pretty breathtaking.