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Pain killers @ Tesco

So yesterday I tried to buy 2 packets of Nurofen (Ibuprofen) and 1 packet of Paracetamol at Tesco.  Nurofen is the quickest thing I can take to combat the migraine-like headaches I get.  I wanted the paracetamol because I’d had a slight temperature on Friday night, and the only other paracetamol we have in the house is part of Grete’s prescribed stuff, not really that useful.  The cashier told me I could only buy two packets of pain killers.  Let’s not worry about the fact that it’s perfectly possible to take Nurofen and paracetamol at the same time.  Let’s just count the actual packets that might even possibly be a pain killer and limit them to 2.  I could have bought 1 x ibuprofen, 1 x codeine and 1 x paracetamol and been perfectly safe taking them at the same time1.  But ooohh nooo, the nanny state or nanny Tesco says I’m only allowed to buy 2 packets of pain killers at once.

Because I’m clearly too stupid to walk outside and go to Boots or Superdrug or Asda and buy more.

It really annoys me.  I tried once to buy 3 packets of Nurofen, and they stopped me and only allowed me 2, but I assumed that since I was trying this time to buy tablets that don’t conflict, it would be okay.  The time I tried to buy the three Nurofen I was so pissed off by their actions that I bought 2 packets, and then walked back in and bought another from the same store.  I wondered if their POS system would somehow do a check, but of course it doesn’t.

Yes, I know there’s research which suggests if you reduce the number of tablets in home medicine cabinets it reduces the suicide rate based on overdoses.  Yes, I know that if I took two boxes of Ibuprofen and one box of Paracetamol it would do me some harm.  But please,  I just wanted to buy some pain killers.

  1. this is not medical advice, I do not give medical advice, you should seek medical advice before taking any tablets []