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Probably really bad of me

What motivates you to do better?  Knowing you can still improve?  The pure challenge?  Knowing there are people who can generate better stuff than you but that it’s within your reach?   Totally internal drive?  You don’t need to do better, you just do what you do and see how it turns out?

I’ve covered this in other blog posts, but basically, I’m easily discouraged.  If I find that something I can create isn’t very good when compared to everyone else I’m prone to be discouraged.  It’s odd because I’m really not competative in the normal sense, so I’m not sure where it comes from.

Anyway, after looking around the interwebnets and seeing a lot of very impressive painted mini’s I was feeling discouraged.  But, and this is why it’s bad, I found a huge site with thousands of posted pictures (rated by the site members) and I don’t truly suck.  I’m about average.  I can cope with being about average and not sucking.

That’s something I can build on.

edit: Oh, and the site has a lot of display quality mini’s for sale (rather than gaming style mini’s which tend to be generic) and for some reason, the ones that are out of stock tend to be the half-naked female characters.  You’ll never guess the general demographic of mini painters ….