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So everyone’s blogging about Apple’s new iPad.  You know what?  I like it, I think it has a place.  I sit in the lounge trying to read web pages on my iPhone to find out who the person in the TV program is, or check my mail on it or whatever it might be.  I can see myself dragging the ‘pad off the table, checking a web page and then sliding it back on there.  I can see them being used in small business meetings.  I can see them being used to read magazines or similar material in that style.  Tried ordering from an online grocery store on an iPhone?  Imagine doing it in the lounge with your iPad, nice and convenient, big enough that you can read it.   Easier and more convenient than a laptop, who needs keys if you’re going to be mostly reading.  Not mobile as such, but certainly something you can drop into a backpack and drag out when you’re sitting somewhere.

Would I read a book on one?  Maybe.  But really when they’re cheap enough, I see them being the first permanent computer we have in the lounge.  Bored with the news?  Quick game of Peggle on the iPad while waiting for the movie to start.

The key thing of course is that it’ll finally drive tablets into the house – and give them a foothold – and that will increase the competition and drive new technology (hopefully).