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Bubbles on fire!

I sometimes have a candle on my desk or somewhere in the room, a scented one.  At the moment it’s mulled wine.  About 15 minutes ago Bubbles (cat #1) jumped up onto my desk, brushed passed the candle and set herself alight.  She stepped over my keyboard and I managed to pat her on the side once pretty hard and the flames went out, but the damage was done.  The room stinks of singed hair, Bubbles went sprinting out of the room not because of the flame, but because of me giving her a thump and then both myself and Grete making a lot of noise and ‘chasing’ type noises to check she was ok.

She was hiding upstairs, we dragged her out, brushed and combed her down, and she’s phsyically fine, although her pride is dented.  She’s got a really thick multi-layer coat and the flames have singed the outer long hairs and the very tips of the second layer, but never got anywhere near her skin.  We gave them both some tuna to help convince them they weren’t going to the vets (the normal result of ‘chase’ type noises).

Scary for a moment.