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Texture is everything

When you can’t really taste food, the texture becomes doubly important.  And you begin to realise how much texture and taste interact to form the overall experience.

Melon which is over-ripe and soft is ok as long as you can taste it.  When you can’t taste it, it’s like eating soft mushy nothingness and my brain decides the best response is a gag reflex.

Don’t worry, soon I’ll get better and you can stop reading this junk.

cold blargh

felt ok (drunk but ok) when i went to bed, at around 3am i woke up with a streaming nose and a sore throat.  looks like while i was drunk, a bunch of cold viruses mugged me overnight and set up shop in my nose.


was awake on and off until 6:30am when i just had to get up and check my blood sugar (it was fine) and temperature (it’s a bit low).

not sure when i stopped being drunk, when and if i had a hangover or not.

anyway, cooked a huge fry up for our friends which we had around 10:30am, don’t tell any doctors, but it was delicious.

now we’re all just mooching on a sunday afternoon, and i’m mostly sniffling.