cold blargh

felt ok (drunk but ok) when i went to bed, at around 3am i woke up with a streaming nose and a sore throat.  looks like while i was drunk, a bunch of cold viruses mugged me overnight and set up shop in my nose.


was awake on and off until 6:30am when i just had to get up and check my blood sugar (it was fine) and temperature (it’s a bit low).

not sure when i stopped being drunk, when and if i had a hangover or not.

anyway, cooked a huge fry up for our friends which we had around 10:30am, don’t tell any doctors, but it was delicious.

now we’re all just mooching on a sunday afternoon, and i’m mostly sniffling.

One thought on “cold blargh”

  1. ooo – best take it very easy this week, Tony. I had a similar experience last weekend – flu jab, drunken 3am finish on Sat…which turned into a full-on chest infection by the middle of the week. Booo!

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