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I hate cars

So it’s my semi regular I hate cars post.  Our Megane gave up the ghost suddenly out of nowhere.  One day it was fine, one day the head gasket is gone and it’s on its last legs.

Thanks to some super quick action from Grete’s Awesome Father (Or, the GAF), and most of our savings (which is the first time we’ve had any for ages, and now they’re gone), we’ve got a new old car.  A Ford Focus.

Some random points,

  1. Air con – don’t need it until you have it, then can’t live without it.
  2. Some company paid us for the Megane and then they scrapped it, and it was easy and painless and we made enough cash to cover insuring the Focus.  This is a big change from when we scrapped the Escort and we had to beg someone to take it away and we paid them for the privilege.
  3. Slow punctures suck.
  4. Kwik Fit’s policy of charging different prices for the same service depending on whether you book online or just turn up in the store is shocking.  Luckily the store sorted out us.
  5. Cars in general, suck.

That is all.

Wow that’s a long one

Long day at work, made longer due to the nature of the meetings and the fact I had to get the bus home out of the city centre.  Not a bad bus journey when all said and done, and although it started too warm (due to a lovely spring day) they turned the air con on half way home so it wasn’t too bad in the end.  Yep, air con, on a bus.  Ages since I travelled that route – they’ve knocked down a whole swathe of buildings near Beeston bus station which I assume they’re going to turn into houses / flats they can’t sell during a recession.

I used to get three buses to work (when I was er, 22) and I survived that, but I’ve gotten lazy.