Movies in 2009

Here’s a random collection of movies that might get released in 2009, and some random comments from me.  I don’t have any good inside sources so I’m relying on magazines, imdb and other on-line resources to get this list together so I apologise if it’s all bollocks.  Plus, this is for UK releases, some of this stuff has already been on in other parts of the universe.  Oh and it’s stuff that interests me, so you’ll see a huge genre slant and an absence of high quality drama.

The Spirit

Hmm, I’ve not been impressed with the trailers and the buzz so far.  I fear that the style will overcome the substance and The Spirit will be a flop, and I guess the most it can hope for is ‘cult status’.  A cop dies in the line of duty and comes back as The Spirit to fight against Central City’s evil underbelly.  The only thing I’m looking forward to now is Samuel L Jackson’s performance.

Excitement factor: 5/10

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

I have pretty low hopes for this prequel to the two Underworld movies.  I fear low production values and a bad script.  I may be wrong, but I just feel the story has been told once already and this is purely a cynical cashing in attempt (yes, most of Hollywood blockbuster material is about cashing in, but sometimes it’s less cynical).  It may turn out to be a kick-ass fantasy action movie with witty dialog and solid direction, but …

Excitement factor: 6/10

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