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So it turns out painting is pretty therapeutic, and I’m still pleased with what I’m able to achieve.  So, good news about the paints, and I don’t seem to have backtracked too far since I last picked up a brush.  I’ve started on some cannon-fodder zombies so that I don’t have to worry too much about the fine detail, the whole point is they’re supposed to be gore splattered and broad-stroked.

Here’s the one I just did.

Click on the images for the full size shots.  One of the major problems I have with macro mode on digital cameras is that they really do bring out the worst in the painting 🙂 I need to get a good shot, with good lighting at range, so the figures look more like that do when you’re holding them in your hands.  I’ll play with that I guess.

Turns out

that the paints are in pretty good condition.  A few jars of solid colour that need throwing away, a few jars of sludge that will need a lot of stiring and re-hydrating, lots of jars of perfectly ok paint and a couple that just need a good shake.

I thought I’d play with the camera and see how it works on macro shots, since I’ve not tried any since we got the DMC-FZ8.  The only ones I have of miniatures are taking with the old digital, this one should be a lot better but it’s going to take a long time to get lighting, positioning and zoom right.

Anyway, in summary, I’m going to try painting tonight.

Update: camera looks pretty good, need to work on lighting and get something better to stand the figures on, but here are a few shots.


I have an increasing urge to break out the miniatures, paints and associated paraphernalia and see what’s worth keeping and what needs to be chucked / replaced, and then maybe trying some painting and seeing how much skill I’ve lost in the last 8 years since EQ took over my life.

I’ve ‘restarted’ painting a few times over the years, each time it’s expensive (replacing a lot of paint and brushes) and each time it takes longer to get back to a point I’m happy with my skill.

I certainly have more time for it these days I think, now that my MMORPG habits are seriously curtailed.  I’m not even sure what the market for miniatures is like, I guess Warhammer / Games Workshop has pretty much cornered the miniatures market in the UK.  I see that 4th Edition D&D has some plastic pre-painted miniatures for use with the game.