I have an increasing urge to break out the miniatures, paints and associated paraphernalia and see what’s worth keeping and what needs to be chucked / replaced, and then maybe trying some painting and seeing how much skill I’ve lost in the last 8 years since EQ took over my life.

I’ve ‘restarted’ painting a few times over the years, each time it’s expensive (replacing a lot of paint and brushes) and each time it takes longer to get back to a point I’m happy with my skill.

I certainly have more time for it these days I think, now that my MMORPG habits are seriously curtailed.  I’m not even sure what the market for miniatures is like, I guess Warhammer / Games Workshop has pretty much cornered the miniatures market in the UK.  I see that 4th Edition D&D has some plastic pre-painted miniatures for use with the game.