Sunday slowdown

Played a bit of EQ, mainly to do some raiding. Helped a friend run a raid for TNT, went really well, enjoyed it greatly. The game can be fun if there’s some specific focus.

EQ2 goes live tomorrow, but I won’t be playing, performance on my machine wasn’t good enough to make it enjoyable long term for one thing (sad considering my machine spec), and to be honest, if I started a new MMORPG I’d want to do it with a bunch of people I knew, at the same time, who played in my timezone, so we could keep one character in the right range to play together. That’s the mistake I made in EQ.

Slowly getting the websites sorted out, stuck a discussion forum onto the Gemmell Mania site, should have more time to keep up with it than lats time, hopefully it’ll generate some interest. Need to consider revamping the front-end, perhaps using PostNuke or something of that ilk, or just moving the entire sit into the BB section, with admin only forums for news / content / etc.