Well, I’m rather peeved. I installed the GoLive patch, and GoLive no longer ran (problems with a DLL). So, I de-installed, re-installed, ignored the patch, and started work on the page again.
Filled in some of this diary, explaining about the patch, deleted some text and GoLive crashed again, dropping all the changes. So, considering the learning curve, the fact that GoLive has some serious problems, and the fact that I only started using GoLive because the auto-upload feature in PageMill appears to be broken, I’ve removed it. I can’t be bothered. [And the fact that it buggers around with loads of file associations really annoyed me].

So, here we are back in PageMill, and now I need to find a proper FTP based web-page updated which works, is quick, and runs on Win9x.

Anyway, spent today buying shelves from Ikea and they’ve made this room much easier to live in. [Oops, did I say live in? It’s only the bedroom!] Anyway, for those who like this sort of thing, here
are some shots of the first shelving unit, complete with contents. Shot1, Shot2.