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Well, it’s morning (as far as my body-clock is concerned]. I’m wondering why I update these pages, when the chances of anyone coming along and reading them are rather slim. I suppose it’s my general need to just write, or make noise. I dunno. Grete’s still in bed, it was another late night for us both! I think I’ll pop to the shop and buy some bacon for our ‘breakfast’.

Roleplaying later on today – should be good. I wonder if it’s worth joining one of the many diary/journal webrings? I can’t decide if I want people to read this page or not. Aaagghhh. And this entries final thought – one day soon work will improve, surely?

New Domain

All quiet really, thought I’d pop something down, since I’m in here updating the pages anyway. We’ve bought a domain name ( The InterNIC hasn’t completed the registration as yet, so the link probably won’t work right away. Now all we have to do is work out what to do with the space!

Managing to get two roleplaying sessions in each week, which is a good thing[tm]. More would be good though 🙂