Well, time draws on, the move is ever closer, and the packing, while slow going, is at least going. I’ve got no pain today at all, but the response from my face is still pretty bad, no movement in the middle-left at all, a little at the bottom and a little at the top. I can’t tell if it feels better because I’m used to it, or if it feels better because it’s getting better. My eye isn’t as bad – and it doesn’t get tired as quickly, although looking at the screen for more than 20 minutes causes it to water!!

Finally got confirmation today from John German’s that we have the house we were after – they say that they told us this in our last conversation, but all I remember them saying was “yes, you can have a cat in the place”, not, “yes, you’ve got it, and you can have a cat”. Ah well, at least that’s one less worry.

I still can’t believe how helpful our friends are being – I keep trying to work out why they are bothering with us since we just seem to be hassle most of the time, but I guess that’s what friends are about.