Confused about Blade

Spending the tidying up the web site still further – instead of packing obviously. My Bells Palsy is still present, the pain is worse today, although I do have more movement back in my face. Anyway, back to the website stuff – it’s odd, more and more people from my place of work are finding the site – and I’m wondering more and more about how wise it is to keep these diary entries ‘honest’. I’ll keep doing them I guess. I should imagine it’s rather confusing for most of the people I work with to find pages about ‘Blade’, but it’s a hard concept to explain, and while I was going to try a little ‘what is this Blade crap’ on my site, I’ve decided against it. Which is odd, because just before I started writing this paragraph, I was all for it. See, now you’re even more confused than ever. I know I am.