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So it seems to be true.  Tesco (in the UK) has decided to stop stocking Coke Zero.  We noticed they didn’t have any and asked customer service, and they couldn’t find a re-order entry.  A few days later a friend said their Tesco (completely different part of the country didn’t have any either).  I checked their online grocery website (tesco.com) and true enough, no Coke Zero available there.

I e-mailed and phoned, and eventually got a reply from a guy saying he’d spoken to their buying department, and they had decided to stop carrying Coke Zero.  He couldn’t explain why, and didn’t understand why, but there you have it.

So now we’re buying our Coke Zero from Asda, and we may end up shopping there more often as a result rather than going to do supermarkets.  Tesco fail?

Edit: Let me know (in the comments) if your local Tesco is / isn’t stocking Coke Zero and if you’ve been able to find out why.

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  1. Hi
    Same for me – I live in Littlehampton, West Sussex and our local Tesco haven’t had any Coke Zero since before Christmas.


  2. Yes I can’t find it either, and now due to that reason shop either at Asda or Sainsbury’s

  3. WTF??? none in Kilmarnock either. Tesco real bad for pulling lines. Cant be due to under performance, think its result of internal deals/threats between buyers and supplier.

    Probably wont stop shopping @ tesco but will still stopping at asda for coke zero and will probably end up getting whatever other essentials at same time, and may as well have a look around. More than just the revenue from cokdezero being losts as i would never have gone to asda otherwise – the fact it tend to be full of cadgers usually keeps me away..

  4. Yeh I can’t imagine it’s to do with performance, because they still stock Dr Pepper Zero, which must be a far smaller % of market share than Coke Zero had?

    Ah well, we get our stock from Asda now and pick up the odd item while we’re there, so Tesco lose out twice.

  5. It must have something to do with discounts Tesco expect. Or the proposed Avatar link, maybe Coke wanted more for branded Coke Zero and Tesco would not pay it. But the point about going to ASDA is a valid one, I now go there and at the same time buy stuff I would otherwise have bought from Tesco.

  6. Yeah I’d noticed that no Tesco around Swansea was stocking it (frustratingly – often go to our local Express for a snack, and now can’t get anything to drink! Too much sugar in normal Coke; Diet Coke gives me headaches… and I want to collect Coke Zone Points!) I haven’t been able to get a 4-pack of Coke Zero bottles in Tesco for a number of months (they only do the regular Coke ones; Sainsbury’s still did the Zero 4-packs last time I checked).

  7. I Checked three Tesco Express Shops in Reading and the Major Tesco Store also.


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