Twitter Updates for 2009-02-24

  • So, another go at using twitter (second or third major attempt) – what do people use to follow twitter? any recommendations? #
  • Two meetings down, one more to go at 3pm – only 4.2 days until the weekend #
  • grrrr, can’t find the section i’m looking for in a manual, i know it exists, i’ve read it, but can’t find the fsking right manual #
  • now that i’ve remembered how to read, installation of myphpadmin is going much better … #
  • er, phpmyadmin, i have a serious mental block about that name format #
  • ooh, twhirl is very – blue – #
  • very very tired – 5am start with the cats sucks #
  • almost totally over my working day now – so a couple of hours before i go to bed and start again #