3 thoughts on “Guess the movie”

  1. Hm. 21/25 on the 5-worder, though I’m not sure about which Rocky movie the one line is from. (The one with the Russian, but I don’t remember which number that is.) The ones I missed: 2. “Napoleon’s has a TV set”; 3. “There goes my special purpose”; 10: “Benny Blanco from the Bronx”; 21. “His name is Pig Vomit”.

    On the 4-word one, I got 17/20, but two of my answers are the same movie, which seems odd, but I’m pretty darn sure. The ones I don’t know there: 5. “I make everybody sick”; 8. “Making the rain chubby”; 13. “Only in a rerun”;

    Got on F (12/20) on the 3-word quiz. Didn’t know: 1. “It’s pronounced Versace”, 3. “Fluffy Bunny Feet”, 7. “Wolfman’s Got Nards”, 8. “Show him, honey” (seems like it could be lots of movies, but I can’t think of any where it’s particularly memorable), 11. “You ate yours”, 14. “Zero sum game”, 15. “Switch the juries”, 17. “It means ‘flamboyance.'”

    And an even lower F (11/20) on the 2-word one. Didn’t know: 1. “Loud noises”, 2. “And thennnn.”, 5. “You’re luggage”, 8. “Quack-fu” (although I shoulda guessed), 12. “Egg-salady”, 13. “Juicy fruit”, 15. “Freeze well”, 18. “Dutch rudder”, or 20 “Cyclops Lady”.

    1. I should see that movie sometime. I mean, I think I did see it, but I wasn’t really paying attention.

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