I’m trying Twitter again (you can find me over here), mainly because more of my friends have started using Facebook again and I can update my Facebook status via Twitter, so I may as well use Twitter.  You’ll see updates on the right side bar, and a daily summary of my tweets as a blog post (unless I get pissed off with that feature).

It’s never too early to decide you’re going to be famous and need a Twitter-Policy, so here’s mine, in advance of me being famous and having 300,000 followers.

  1. If you follow me, I may not necessarily follow you back.  Don’t be sad, you’re not alone.
  2. I promise never to write a blog post saying I’ve twittered something or tweet saying I wrote a blog post.  I understand the two audiences are not the same and you can choose which of my streams of pointless conciousness to decide to read and which you don’t, I won’t hate you.
  3. The exception to #2 is that until I get bored, I’ll use the automated feature to collect all my tweets into a daily post.
  4. #3 is because I also promise to stop blogging one line thoughts which should have been tweets, but I still want everything collected in one place at the end of the day.
  5. #4 is really because at the core I’m a narcissistic control freak.