Txevu! Tacvi! Bless you!

These posts are archives of forum / blog entries I made on my EverQuest guild website. The website won’t be around forever, and I wanted the posts all in one place so I didn’t lose them, this blog seemed like as good a place as any.

It’s sounds more like a sneeze than a zone, but many TNF’ers got their Cypher of Txevu last night, the last real flag in the Gates of Discord. Txevu is a static zone, and inside you find the instance entrace for Tacvi, the final zone in the Gates of Discord and an instanced raid zone. Because Txevu is not instanced, the targets inside aren’t always up. We’ll have a little bit of work to do in there to get a couple of keys which allow raid leaders to request the Tacvi instance. Once that’s done we probably won’t spend much time in Txevu itself.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Last night, Inktu`Ta. A good turnout, not the 50 we were hoping for but a good 40-odd people. Cynosure was up, and you can’t go to Inktu`Ta with him alive, so we gave him a little TNF introduction. We also did Zoo for the first time, which was fun, especially when she leashed and started summoning us, but we coped, rushed her and her little pets and left her dead.

Our third visit to Inktu`Ta, the first had been a resounding success, the second not so good. The curse callers did us in, but this time we weren’t about to be beaten by some dead cowardly ghosts, we ran like champions and we burned burned burned and they died died died (er, again). Noqufiel is a pushover once his little ghost buddies are dead and while he put up some token resistance he was never really in any kind of position to negotiate.

Inktu`Ta beaten for the second time, another bunch of TNF’ers with their Cypher of Txevu, and the final two zones in the Gates of Discord looming ahead of us. Which is where I came in at the top of this note.

One more raid in October, and we’re going back to Anguish. I’m personally hoping for a huge turnout, in the high 40’s, because if we get that we’re good to attempt Mata Muram again. After that, TNF is taking a three week break in November. Hope to see you in Anguish next weekend, let’s make the fight before our little break one to remember.

And then when we get back – Txevu, Tacvi, Dragons, Anguish, perhaps a little more toe dipping in the Depths of Darkhollow, and beyond.