Back to work

Nearly a month without a blog entry, ah it’s good to be back on form. I’ve got a sore left thumb/wrist and it’s been sore now for too long. I did go to the GP, and he pre-scribed some anti-inflmmatories and I thought they were working. But then they ran out and the pain was still there. The day before my two week holiday, both my wrists were agony, although my right wrist cleared up in a couple of days.

I know I don’t do myself any favours with my sitting position, and playing EverQuest non-stop when I’m not at work. So, I’m going to the doc’s again tomorrow to have another chat, maybe it’s some damage or just over-use. I guess if he tells me to totally rest it, I’ll have to see what I can achieve without going insane.

If I was a keyboard ‘picker’ it wouldn’t be so bad, but I was taught to type, I always have both hands on the keys and although I’ve bastardised the original typing layout and style, it’s very hard to stop doing it. I may try and revert to correct typing for a bit which reduces wrist / thumb movement.

Otherwise things are ok, been on holiday for two weeks and fairly relaxed as a result. Played a lot of EverQuest, as I always do when I’m on holiday. Got a couple of things around the house sorted, but probably not as much as I hoped. I may spend some time over the next two weeks getting the ‘room’ between the front door and the inner door sorted for the winter, that may let me rest my hand from keyboard duty as well.

We did move the old mattress to the tip, which was ‘exciting’ having it tied up in the back of the car, hoping it didn’t break free during the drive!