Mattress Verdict

It’s extremely comfortable 🙂 I admit, some of that is because the old mattress was tatty, compressed and in a pretty bad way. It’s one of those things that deteriorates slowly enough that you don’t really notice it. Not like one night it’s fine and the next you get into bed and you find you’re on the floor. A mattress just slowly dies, gets less springy, less comfy, just gets less. So the new one is more, and some of that is because it’s new and bouncy, but a large part of it is because it’s just good! There’s an inch or two of memory foam on the top which just relaxes into the shape of your body as you lie down.

So far, every time either of us have gotten into bed with the new mattress, we have always sighed in comfort as the foam gently gives way. It’s like being hugged.

But beneath the foam is a foot of well built, springy, sturdy sprung mattress stuff, which gives the whole thing a bounce and support. I’ve never tried an all foam mattress but I imagine in my head that once the foam has relaxed into your body shape, there’s not much spring or bounce. Not so with a combination mattress, all the bounce you could want, all the support you need and all the comfort of relaxing memory foam on top.

Best purchase for ages.