27 skeletons into the 40 I had originally, only 13 more to go, they are undercoated and base coated, so it’s a quick brown/black/chestnut wash, then metal bitz and then wood/leather and then a couple of washes over those, and perhaps some purple bits. Wooohooo. I think I can safely say that 27 miniatures in two days is the most I’ve ever painted, which I’m taking as a good sign. I looked at the zombies, but they’re wearing clothes which are going to be annoying if I want a range of colours, which I think I might. Guess I could pick say, three options, and split the group into three, and then quickly bash each set out, before moving onto the next.

Feels good anyway, and I’ve finally almost got over the ‘these must be perfect’ mentality I have with miniatures. I can reserve that for the individual pieces I do, but for the mass-combat troops, I really ought to just paint the buggers and move on. So many miniatures, so little time πŸ˜‰

It’s the new year, so Best Wishes to Everyone for 2002. Best wishes to myself and Grete too, this is the year where we sort ourselves out. Without doubt.

skeletonsPerhaps one quick photo of some of the competed skeletons, hang on ….[click for a bigger image]