Dem Bones

Another batch of skeletons painted, which makes 40 in total. Far more than I’ve painted in ages, and I’m quite pleased with myself. I’ve started in earnest on the zombies, but they’re more detailed, and more varied (since they are clothed), and I want to get a theme, without making them all exactly the same colour [with the skeletons I kept a theme by doing certain bits of trim in purple]. Might do some more with the zombies tomorrow.

House stuff is a little tantalising, we had a leaflet posted from a place which said ‘market value paid’, but it turns out they are a middle-man type company which finds property for people currently renting who want to buy. Grete’s going to show them around, and we’ll see how it goes, but I’m less confident now I know what they really do, than I was when we weren’t sure. It would mean having to drop the contract with the Halifax as well (£70 charge for doing so, sigh). Still, fingers crossed eh?