I’ve been painting fantasy miniatures (roleplaying miniatures, mini’s, fantasy figures, gaming figures) since I was about 14.  I’m going to use this page to collect together links to various articles (both my own and other people’s) and links to images of various figures.

For now, I’ll just link to some Picasa pages with my miniatures (sometimes, these albums switch from public to unlisted, I’m trying to track down what I’m doing wrong, but if the links don’t work at the moment they will do again when I notice it’s happened).

To date, I have almost exclusively used a mixture of ink washes and dry brushing, which in combination with flash photography look terrible in photographs.  I’m going to start trying much harder to use blending and black/brown-lining in combination with more careful photography to try and achieve the kind of images I see elsewhere on the web and on display in various shops.

Wish me luck.

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I’ve started a diary covering the painting of a Chronoscope miniature, you can find the posts here,

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