Miniatures and Ambition

Weird isn’t it, some people enjoy doing something, without a care in the world for how good they are at it, able to look at the efforts of others and think “nice” without ever wondering if they compare.

Others look at the work of people in their hobby and think, “wow, I’ll strive to be that good”.

Yet more look at high quality work and think, “uho, I may as well give up, I’m never going to be that good”.

I wonder about painting miniatures, I wonder about which category I fit into. I think mostly the first, I enjoy it, and the efforts of others isn’t going to stop me, but I look at some of the stuff other painters achieved and I wonder why I bother, because I’ll never be that good. I know it’s a combination of talent and the amount of time they have to put into a piece. I guess you never know if you have the talent unless you spend the time putting in the effort.

I’ve certainly improved since I started, and I know that if I paint for a few weeks, I’m better at the end than I was at the start, and then a long break sets me back again. I should do an hour or so every day I guess, to keep my skills current. I want to, I just can’t seem to motivate myself, instead I stare at this thing wondering who will communicate with me next.

Ah well.