Through the Aperture (photo heavy)

I’ve had my Canon 600D a few weeks now and you’ll be pleased to hear I’ve been taking plenty of photographs of fowl and animals in general.

I’m trying hard to use the two lenses that came with the camera, before even dreaming about buying more.  I want to understand the limitations of the lenses, before I splash out on new ones or I won’t appreciate them.  I want to know where my skill ends and the technology starts in terms of getting a good photo.  Overall, I am pleased with the results so far, despite some of the situations feeling a bit forced.  As I previously posted, I’d gotten used to taking photo’s as memories, and only just started taking them for the sake of it, so taking a lot of them mostly for the sake of it still feels weird.

Anyhoo here’s a few of my favorite shots from the last month or so (after the cut unless you’re already viewing the post direct).

If this isn’t the most photogenic bush dog you’ve ever seen – what is?


Bushdog4 Bushdog1 Bushdog2

Two old men?

Chimp2 Chimp1

A wistful lemur.


A flying meerkat (with friends)


Meerkat4 Meerkat3 Meerkat2

And a collection of birds, showing off, from Attenborough (and one flower).

IMG_3358 IMG_3359 IMG_3368 IMG_3369 IMG_3393 IMG_3492 IMG_3544 IMG_3603 IMG_3666 IMG_3745 IMG_3748 IMG_3768 IMG_3832 IMG_3840 IMG_3873