8bit Mid-life Crisis – part 5

Got a couple of parcels this morning.  The first one was from DataServe-Retro and contained my new (old) power supply and a brand new RF cable.

There’s no plug on the power supply, which was pretty common in the 80’s, but is always surprising these days.  I did know it wasn’t going to have one.  Putting the plug on reminded me that it’s probably 10 years or more since I’ve had to do that, and I wonder if kids still get taught how to do it at school like we did.

Anyway, the power supply works fine and the RF cable is nice and tidy.  The image from the working Spectrums is a little bit better with the new cable as well.  Very pleased with the service from DataServe, and although they aren’t super cheap, for something like a power supply I’m happier getting it from there than I am eBay!

They sell keyboard membranes as well, so I might get one of those (next month, no money left this month!) to fix up the Speccy with the split ribbon cables.