Twitter / Facebook fail?

Well that sucks.  I noticed a few days ago that the Facebook Twitter app had stopped updating my Facebook status, and started making wall posts.  Didn’t think much of it, just assumed I was missing a new option.  Then I noticed other people saying the same thing.

Did some digging and it looks like Twitter have made the change ‘at the request of the Facebook folk’.  Check out this (closed) bug report,

If I wanted the Twitter app to make wall posts, I’d have done that.  I wanted it to make status updates (so I could update several status entries from one place only).

Not enough people read this blog to start a movement, which is a shame, because I’d like this to go back to how it was.  I’d rather not use a third-party app because Twitter already has my credentials and I’m nervous about using them in other apps, or giving other apps access to anything more than I need to.  Some people suggest the Smart Twitter Facebook app is okay, and if nothing changes I may move to that eventually.

Shame.  And to use the phrase everyone loves, Twitter Fail (or rather #twitterfail)

4 thoughts on “Twitter / Facebook fail?”

  1. Cheers for this post.

    I had no idea things had changed until Simes mentioned Smart Twitter on Sunday evening. I presumed he was swapping over because of some better functionality, only to find out my tweets were now being shown as wall posts.

    I’m unsure how this changes things as people still seem to be reading what I say even though it’s on my wall, but the FB mobile web interface doesn’t allow me to view these comments (it gives an error) so some things have got worse from my point of view.

    Heck, I may raise this new issue with FB, just for the fun of it.

  2. I agree. Still, I stopped actively using FB a while ago and now I’m wondering if I care where my updates appear on there. Moving them to wall posts which stops me reading any comments other people make on there (via the mobile web interface) is just another reason not to log on and with the tech’ community striving to create private (and honest) commeptitors to FB I wondering how long it’ll be before it starts to die.

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