An Open letter to my Labour candidate

Dear Labour Candidate,

I didn’t vote for you in the 2010 General Election.  Previously I have always voted Labour.  I agree in principal with the philosophy of the Labour party and disagree fundamentally with the philosophy of the Conservatives.  However, over the last few years the Labour party has consistently brought in laws in specific areas which I can not support.  Those laws outweigh the good that the party can and has done.  I hate the idea of a Conservative government, but if I voted Labour it would have given you a mandate to continue eroding my rights and my privacy.  I can’t give you that mandate, you have to understand that the decisions your party has taken over the last few years in areas such as terrorism law, digital and copyright law, privacy and data retention laws are abhorrent to me.

This isn’t about the recession.  Nor is it about Brown.

The worst outcome for me would be a Conservative government and a Labour party who thinks the reason they lost was Brown.  It’s not Brown, it’s not the expenses scandal, it’s not finance.

It’s my personal freedom, my liberty, my privacy.  You have eroded my rights and I’m prepared to live with the Conservatives for four or five years to make you see that.

3 thoughts on “An Open letter to my Labour candidate”

  1. I like this so much I want to steal it. Well said mate. Send it to the BBC, they’ll probably use it. It makes more sense than most of the freakin’ bullshit they’ve been coming out with recently.

    1. I wondered about trying to sneak it somehow into the BBC coverage but couldn’t find a good route 🙂

  2. There’s also the hoops we have to jump through and the paperwork involved in what should be plain common sense issues. DWP is a shambles.

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