Before Grete had major back issues for half a week, and before I really accepted I should be resting due to a potential hernia, we cleared/dug over the back and front garden areas ready for some grass seed, and then put the seed down.

It took ages for it to show through and we’d started to assume the pigeons had eaten it all – but then a couple of days ago we spotted a thread of green!  It’s odd though, if you look down vertically onto the soil you can’t see the grass, if you look at an angle you can and if you look at it horizontally, it’s clear to see!

Back garden

Long shot!Close up near the AcerUnder the apple tree

Front garden

A bit weedy

The front doesn’t look as good because neither myself nor Grete have been in any condition to get out and keep it weeded, but hopefully the grass will pull through.  The back is looking excellent and we hope the grass will stop the soil washing down the bank in the first sustained heavy rains we get.  The other side of the apple tree is on the same kind of slope and the grass keeps it all in place.

The apple tree has gone crazy as well, I thought the pruning would keep the apples away this year but the tree appears to have decided to wreak revenge by growing twice as many apples.  The thin branches are dropping under the weight of the slowly forming apples already.  I suspect I’ll have to take action to get rid of them before they mature otherwise the branches are really going to suffer.

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  1. Your pictures of grass and dirt are so fantastic. You should let them blog more often.

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