Search madness

As of 00:39 today (yes, I should be in bed, no I can’t sleep) if you search amazon for ‘probably really bad of me’, this site is the #1 hit.


How odd.


3 thoughts on “Search madness”

  1. Very odd, but funny.

    I’m not massively knowledgeable on how Google works, is it something to do with the fact that ‘of me’ isn’t actually included in the search and even when doing a none phrase search Google still ranks the page with the words closest together the highest. I also wondering if the fact that ‘probably really bad’ appears eleven times in the source of that page.

  2. I think google uses a bunch of stuff to work out how highly to rank a page including pagerank (which is determined based on the number of links to that page among other things), but it’s all weird science to me. I just noticed in my logs that I was getting a lot of weird hits for that page.

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