of protein and fat and blood sugar

Approaching two hours after finishing my breakfast, and my blood sugar is 6 mmol/L.  I had 3 hash browns and 4 slices of white bread (although they were half-loaf sized) and a lot of beans.  But I also had sausage, bacon and fried eggs, a solid mix of protein and fat.  That protein and fat ensures my body metabolises the carbohydrates more slowly.  If I’d had four slices a toast only with low fat spread, the ‘healthier’ option, or even some regular cereal, my blood sugar would be up in the high 8’s or 9’s at this point.

The irony doesn’t escape me.

Still, here’s to blood sugar levels of 6 mmol/L and a Merry Christmas ahead.

3 thoughts on “of protein and fat and blood sugar”

  1. Sadly, I have to translate to Murkan to make sense of the numbers: 6 mmol/L is 108 mg/dL. Not too shabby. What kinda beans, though – don’t they usually have protein, too? It seems unfair to beankind to lump them in with the pure glycemic evil that is potatoes and bread.

    1. Yep beans are usually pretty good, but these are baked beans in tomato sauce. Having said that, at worst they’re medium GI on their own.

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