What do you eat first?

We just had a big roast Sunday lunch (turkey, roast sweet potato, roast potato, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, yorkshire puddings, gravy).  Clearly, since I got to cook that, and I only really cook stuff I’m going to enjoy (why bother cooking what I don’t enjoy!) there wasn’t anything I didn’t like.

But it got me thinking about a difference between how I eat and how Grete eats.

I eat stuff roughly, in general, in order of least likeable leaving the best until last which means that I usually end up eating everything.  Grete eats the stuff she likes best first which (and some might argue this is a better result) means she tends to end up leaving stuff when she gets full that she doesn’t jump and down with excitement about.

So, what do you do?  If you had, roast meat (pick your favourite, or vegetarian replacement), three or four veg (pick some you like), yorkshires and potato of some kind, what order would you eat it in and why?  All mixed up randomly?  Favourite first?  Least favourite first?  Potato’s first because they go cold quickest?

Enquiring minds want to know.

3 thoughts on “What do you eat first?”

  1. Ha, funny you should mention this we were just talking about this over our roast dinner. Alex will always eat all her veggies first, followed by roast potatoes, yorkshires and meat. This is because vegetables are her favourite food! I always eat my favourites first which is yorkshire puddings, potatoes, meat with vegetables last if i have room. Sam is like me and Stuart eats anything so just eats in no particulr order.

  2. Again, funny you mention it too, as I was discussing this with my daughter a couple of weeks ago! I’ve always been in your camp… leave the best until last. Don’t want the taste of something that’s not so good spoiling the good stuff 😉 However, my daughter does the same as Grete and eats the best bit first, and for the same reason she gives too.

  3. Whether it’s all stuff I like or some stuff I don’t I tend to mix and match for new taste combinations. If there’s mustard available I’ll put mustard on bits of veg’ to find out what they taste like together then compare it with mustard on meat (because I know this tastes good).

    This is nothing unusual though, as I’m always pulling things out of the cupboard and mixing them together. For anyone who’s interested I highly recommend cheddar with sugar, and peanut butter with golden syrup.

    Also, when I’m cooking or baking I try every ingredient cooked and raw. Margarine and sugar is one of my favourites and when the egg is added it’s got a nice creamy texture (some people might find it slimy, so beware).

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