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I love GMail, I’m man enough to admit it.  When all around me WebMail providers were doing horrible things and making stuff huge and ugly Google gave us small, quick (at the time), simple, IJustDoMail GMail.

And now they’ve added Awesome Sauce by adding GMail skins.

As usual, Google are rolling this out slowly, so the option may not be there for you yet, I’m going to go with Terminal for a while!  Story originally found on Life Hacker.

2 thoughts on “GMail Themes”

  1. I have some news for you. Try setting up Right-hand labels from the labs. You resultant box when you open a msg it is in a skinny box down the center. I had a two-page message that took fifteen screens to view. If you want to something crazy (?) like show details, open your label box, the label box overlaps the other things in the msg box, like “Print all”, map, etc. Try it, you won’t like it.

    When you open all these things up (e.g. labels and a msg) it will not fit the screen horizontally, and gives you a scroll bar on the bottom. Not good.

    This soft of reminds me of when Google took out the tabs from iGoogle without warning. I was able to find a way to restore the old version, and will not use the new unless Google discovers how some of us are getting around it.

    Hope you enjoy the new themes. I an NOT against them, but the are definitely not running at 100%

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