The Hobbit

I re-read the Hobbit recently, I felt it was my duty since the film is nearing the start of full production. It was a bit of a culture shock. It’s a long time since I read the book, and although I dimly remembered it being more childish (not in a bad way) than Lord of the Rings, I had completely forgotten the entirely different style.

The Hobbit is fast paced and told in a story-telling 3rd person view. The narrator knows what is going on and also how things are going to end. It’s told from Bilbo’s point of view and is essentially as if someone were reading Biblo’s account of the event, as well as having access to what was going on in the world around it.

What amazed me initially is the amount of ground Biblo, Gandalf and the dwarves cover in the first few pages of their expedition. Before we know it they’re in Rivendell and setting out beyond it. Compared to the journey in the Lord of the Rings they’re travelling at light speed. Obviously there are both physical and story-based reasons for the speed in Lord of the Rings, but it still caught me off-guard in The Hobbit.

Anyway, it’s a really enjoyable book, story and tale and I recommend everyone re-reads it. It’s certainly reminded me about a lot of stuff I had forgotten was in the tale (like Beorne) and left me feeling like there’s more to make a movie with than I remembered first time around.