And that reminds me

We got rid of the old Xbox, I can’t remember if I blogged about this or not, but it was haunted. Yes, our xbox was haunted. We were quietly and happily sitting watching TV a few weeks ago and the xbox spat the CD tray out. For no reason. Clearly demonic activity in my opinion. We took the remote control widget thing out in case the evil spirits were using that as a conduit into the xbox circuits but it made no difference. We turned it on, off, everything to try and rid it of the possessing spirits, but no matter what we did, as long as it had power, it randomly spat the tray out.

We finally disconnected the thing from the mains.

But I do wonder if the entire electrical system in the house is possessed.

Grete will probably kill me when she reads this.

Unless the xbox demon gets me first.

Anyway, none of that is why I started this blog entry, we dumped the xbox (or will do, it’s in our ‘to go to the recycling tip’ pile), but we kept the controllers and the remote control widget. Along with half a dozen xbox games and a pile of PC games we don’t play we took them along to Game Station and traded them in for credit against the stuff we bought and already blogged about. So that was cool.