The circle is complete

So, welcome to the new blog at  The circle is now complete, I’ve gone from running my own blog, to trying livejournal, to running my own blog, to trying blogspot and now I’m back to running my own blog using wordpress.

I’ve intentionally left the site pretty open, you can leave comments without having to register, we’ll see how much spam I get and see if that needs reviewing.  You’re welcome to register of course if you wish.  For previous comments I’m slowly going through and adding in a URL against your name so it goes to your primary blog/site, but there’s no way of re-associating those comments with an account (as far as I can see, at the moment), so you won’t be able to re-edit any of them.

Feel free to comment on the layout and design, just don’t expect me to do much about it!  I’ve spent about 3 months going through a lot of WordPress templates, from dark with light text to light with dark text and everything in-between.  Traditionally I prefer dark backgrounds and light text, but I can’t deny that the inverse somehow looks more professional, and at the moment Mandigo (the template I’m using) doesn’t offer an inverse colour scheme.  I may play with Mandigo and see if I can hack the mighty amount of css it uses to invert the colour scheme somehow, but no promises.

I’ll miss the neat feature on blogger which included the last entry from each link in your ‘blogroll’, but I’ll cope with plain old links.  However, I’m sure there are plenty of funky plug-ins I’ll end up playing with on WordPress that fill my need for toys.

Welcome aboard, please update your book marks and links.  The main site is and the rss feed can be found at

One thought on “The circle is complete”

  1. Very uncomfy with template choice. Understand need to fiddle but it’s creepy and sinister in a scary inverted way. DARK background and LIGHT text please!

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