The circle is almost complete

I’ve bought (another) domain name and will be migrating this blog to a self-hosted WordPress install over the next day or so. Because I can (before you ask). Like people build their own kit cars, because they can.

Here’s a quick FAQ for my millions of readers,

1q. Will you be providing re-directs from the blogger site?
1a. No

2q. Why?
2a. Because there’s like 3 of you who read this blog, update your bookmarks already.

3q. But you’ll lose your hundreds of external links to your post on thumb tendonitis?
3a. Yes, stop following me around already with the thumb thing.

More news later when I get the domain sorted. The only sad thing is that I’ll need to either become my own OpenID provider or stop using OpenID to haunt other people’s blog comments sections.

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