I’m British, let’s talk about the weather

It’s September and in my part of the world that makes it Autumn.  I love Autumn, it’s my favourite season.  I’ve already blogged about this before really, but I think it’s worth saying again.  My favourite seasons in order are, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer.  Why?  Several reasons, but mainly because I find it much easier to get warm and stay warm than I do to cool down and stay cool.  I like the dry crisp nature of Autumn in the UK.  I like the cold, there, I’ve admitted it.  Something about wrapping up warm and going out into the world inspires me more than dressing down and going outside to sweat and seek cold drinks.

Today it’s sunny and warm, hardly a cloud in the sky, but it’s not overly hot.  There’s a nice little breeze.  Inside the house is just right, no need for heating, the doors are open, but there’s no need for a fan or cooling either.  I feel the world is in balance during Autumn.  The deep breath before the plunge, but for me the plunge isn’t bad, it’s just bracing.  The chill and twilight of Winter.  Waiting just at the edge of life, holding out against the darkness, ready for the thrill of Spring.

But Spring is wet and often too windy for my liking and from there into the heat of Summer (if some people are lucky), when the rest of the UK worships the sky and I just stay indoors and wait for the bright orange of Autumn to come around again.

I don’t totally hate summer, I’m a huge fan of trees and I love the bright green foliage at the height of summer.  Yet I can’t help but feel a surge when I see the oranges, reds and yellows that precede the calm regal nature of Autumn.

So here it is, Autumn, on our doorstep and knocking to come in.  Soon it’ll be Samhain, and we’ll just have to hope our doors protect us from the world behind that veil.

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  1. I concur…

    (apologies but not much to add really – I do get odd looks when I say that I really rather like the British weather. Seasons are good – and crisp, clear days are wonderful. Here’s hoping for a weekend with more of the same…)

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