Hey America – You guys have to let me vote as well

We approach the American Presidential Election, in case you hadn’t noticed, and we’re down to the last two runners.  America, you have to let us vote as well.

I wonder how many Americans realise their choice of president affects the rest of the world as well as their own country?  It really does make a difference.  When America delicately involves itself in world affairs, the choice of president has a huge effect on how that involvement plays out.  Who’s the government ruler of Belgium?  Anyone?  How about The Netherlands?  Who can name whoever has been elected in Australia or even Canada?

I can’t.  Sure, I could find out, and if you live there I bet you have a good chance of knowing.  And if you follow world affairs more closely than I do, I’m sure you’ll know.

But who’s president of America?  Who’s in the running?  I bet plenty of people all over the world know those names.  I admit, much of that is because American news companies dominate international news production, but it’s also because it is going to affect us.  It does affect us.

The issue that I think some Americans don’t realise is that there are only a few countries who’s leadership choice has a potentially truly global impact.  Have a think about those countries, if you live in America, have a think about the company you’re in.  Russia, Iran, Iraq, India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, America.  You’re not just voting for your own president.

You’re voting to tell the world how America will place itself in the next 4-12 years.  How America will behave in the international arena.  How America will handle conflict.  How America will handle global issues.  You’ve amassed a fortune in people, resources and power.  Now you have to learn how to use it responsibly in a global stage.

Good luck.  I hope you make the right choice for yourselves and for everyone else.

One thought on “Hey America – You guys have to let me vote as well”

  1. I hate to be a downer, but I’m afraid that most of America totally knows that our country has vast effects on the rest of the world. However, a good chunk of us (we call them red-staters) are appalled at the idea of considering the rest of the world when it comes to policy decisions. We are mighty – if you want us to do something, you have to either force us to somehow, or you have to make it in our best interest to do things in the best interest in the rest of the world. And we might even cringe at the latter option if it makes us seem weak or conciliatory.

    No, I’m not bitter – why do you ask?

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