So I’m not feeling so well today.  As I already blogged, up early feeling sick, but I had a 2 hour meeting that I really needed to be at, at work.  I went in late, attended that and then came home again and then slept until around 4:30pm.  I still feel pretty crap but not quite on the same scale.  I get little waves of nausia every now and then and have to be careful not to drink tea too quickly.

I only recently discovered the pure delight of Google Reader (or any RSS reader for that matter) even though I sort of knew I should be doing it.  It wasn’t until I found a few sites I really wanted to follow that only had a few postings a day at most that it really came into its own.  Before, I’d try to use it for Slashdot or the BBC News site, but there’s so much stuff being publised there daily that I just used to click ‘mark all read’ and move on.  So anyway, found some sites I enjoy reading and using Google Reader.  Thought I’d share some random stuff.

Most of these sites I’ve found either through friends, or through cross-linking on a small number of sites initially and I often have no clue who the people writing them are, I read them for the articles anyway.

So anyway, I’m to about 57 subscriptions and I need to go down the links on Hot Chicks Dig Smart Men and check out some of those (since her blog links to some stuff I already read, so they may be my taste too).  I have LifeHacker and Fark RSS feeds, they generate a tonne of links every day and sometimes I read them, and othertimes I just hit mark as read.

And now it’s 7:40pm and I need to find something to eat which doesn’t disagree with me too much.

One thought on “Blathering”

  1. Yes, I have a LOT of feeds in Google Reader, most of which are far too boring to share. However, where I think feeds often come into their own, is where they provide service status’ or details of upgrades to software that you have installed – not just a steady stream of news.

    Having said all that, I love Stephen Fry’s feed (, even though the content is few-and-far between.

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