Half a second wind

Made it into the lounge and woke up a little bit (need to digest some of this food before actually going to bed).

So anyway, to continue the theme of banging on about the Wii Fit. Did some gardening today. The Wii Fit didn’t make us do it, but knowing we could record the effort spent gardening in the tool certainly added a tiny amount of encouragement. You could do the same by running a spreadsheet and tracking it yourself, but the Wii FitPiggy is cuter.

Edit: Man that was a lame blog entry. I started strong, then got sidetracked by registering our Wii and getting Wii stars and then I got tired again. So anyway, Wii Fit = good, gardening = hard work, frogs = plentiful, ivy = mostly removed, huge hole in the ground between the fence and the path = mostly filled, had a second shower today because I was creeped out by the spiders and other bugs, snails = *huge*, cats = very excited by anything that moved. Grete weeded the border and sorted out the grass along the edge (big job, took about two hours).

I finally got some little things done like moving the remains of the wardrobe we broke up when we moved in (like 5 years ago), and moving some broken paving stones (used them to fill The Hole). Also, spread the last bag of wood chip we bought about 2 years ago to sort the border. I assumed plastic bags would be water proof but obviously not, the wood chip was soaked, stuck together and clumpy. Hopefully it’ll look more like wood when it dries out (sometime in 2011 it looks like).

I’m always torn when it comes to gardens. I love the idea of a garden providing somewhere for wildlife to thrive (frogs, snails, newts, dragonflies, everything) but I also appreciate that kind of garden can look a mess to the neighbours and eventually can risk things like fences and sheds.

I did finally work out why I don’t like gardening, or the main reason. I don’t like being in a war you can’t win. And basically, you can not win against nature, you can just slow her down – life has a way of getting under the path and into the house no matter how hard you try.